In my #cycling club, there's one person on the board who's responsible to create and maintain routes for the weekly rides and the cycling trips. AFAIK she's the only one doing it, as nobody else wants the job. She's been doing it for 8 years. She was training a replacement this year, but I heard this person resigned.

I've been thinking about offering my help... Might be an opportunity to steer them toward #FOSS tools. They're using RideWithGPS and the usual big corp services.

@normandc @mastobikes checkout cycle.travel

It's based on Open Street Map with cool traffic data stuff on top


@kawaiipunk @normandc @mastobikes

uh, that looks great. i planned a 90km route in about 10 seconds. offered route is different from the ones i cycled before, but looks interesting. i'm going to test that route in the wild.

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